The gospel of Gods grace

Blindness in part is happened to Israel  Romans 11:25

If ye have heard of the dispensation of the grace of God  Ephesians 3:1-9

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.Romans 10:9   For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:1 Corinthians 15:1-4  For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: 9 Not of works, lest any man should boast. Ephisians 2:8-9

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Dear reader visitor of this site.

I am happy to use the internet to tell you more about Gods grace and the dispensation  of the Grace of God.

I born 52 years ago in Israel.  I grew up as a Jew and never believed that one day I will be so much busy with reading and teaching of the so call new testament or the belief in Jesus Christ. Till the age of 21 I did not hear much about that also Jew need to be save. Well I was not religious so I did not know much about God at all. We learn at school much about the old testament but to say that I believed at that time I cannot say.

I born to an east Europeans parents which mean that they suffer in the second world war and lost families. So speaking about Christ will have much associations with the Jewish  prosecution in the past.

Years went on and I think in the begin of the seventies I started to think more about life. After serving 3 years at the army at age the of 22 I started my life as a Young man. I traveled to the Southern part of Israel looking to have a good time there. For some reason I took  with me copy of the old testament.

John Pex

Eilat 1979

David Lazaros - Eilat 1979

Johan Schep

During my work there I met often a Dutch men an evangelist his name was John Pex and David Lazaros from the USA. He gave me something to read about the Christ in the 2 covenants and invited me few time to visit his tent where he used to teach people about the Bible. It took me few weeks and then I started to join the studies in a tent near the beach. So no church building but only open bible.

I remember that I understood very fast the main point, that Jesus Christ is the messiah. He explained me also very clear about the way of salvation. That also a Jew can get the gift of eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ. I remember that one day while every one was praying I prayed too and thank the Lord for what he did for me on the cross. So at the age of 22 I knew that I was saved by the blood of Jesus Christ.

So now I had to started my life as a believer. First I went back to my home town to tell my parents about the good news which was for them not a good new at all. It is not so often that a Jew say I believe in Christ. Also for me thing where not so easy in the beginning. I was happy and  believed the gospel but wanted to know more or did not really know in which direction to go. I visited some church near my parents home but it was not really what I was looking for.

So I had the Bible in my hand but I needed more guiding, someone who will help me to understand more about God’s word. While staying in Eilat I met different people and some of them from the Netherland. So I decided  to travel to Europe to Holland and England. It was good time meeting different  believers. I enjoyed the hospitality of the family of one of the evangelists who told me about this wonderful gospel.  His name was Johan Schep. So his parents invited me to stay with them.

Believing in Christ is one thing and understanding the Bible and Gods plan and purpose is something else. While visiting believers in the U.K. they started to tell me something about the “word rightly divided” about Gods plan for the Church “the body f Christ” they told me that at this time of grace There is no difference between Jew or gentile. In the beginning it was for me hard to accept that now as a Jew I am not especial for God but just a sinner like every one.

On the other  side while learning about rightly dividing the word of truth things become more clear. I started to understand that the Lord Jesus Christ gave Paul a different gospel and the bible became an open book for me.

I was very happy with those new truth that I learned. I found also how most believers are against it and are not open to search the scriptures. I went back to Israel and stayed  for some month with the brothers and sisters who show me first the way of salvation but after a while I decided to move further. I was hungry for the word and the depth in the word of Gods.

Visiting again the brother and sister in the UK who lead me to the truth of the word rightly divided I pray the Lord and told Him that I believe that this is the true and no matter what are the costs I am planning to stand for it. I was introduced at that time to the writing of C.R. Stam from the Berean Bible Society. So i started to study all about the revelation of the mystery.

I thank the Lord that while going back from the UK to the Netherlands I was able to stay there few month and devote the time for studying the Word. I spent the time reading and examine each scripture in the so call 4 gospels and comparing it with what I read in the letters  of Paul.

So as my first love was the day that I accepted Christ as my savior my second love was the day that I came to understand all about the the dispensation of the Grace of God that the Lord Jesus Christ gave to the apostle Paul.

Read next London 1980

In 1980 while visiting in the UK. I met my old school friend  doron. We came from the same village and grew up together. After the army I went to the south of Israel and later came to know the Lord. He travel at the same time  with other friend to Europe. So now after I became a believer my parents told him that some thing strange happed to me and ask him to talk with me. So I met my friend doron in England and instead that he will talk me out of my faith I started to talk to  him about the bible. We spent some time together in London talking and going through al what I knew at that time. As we walked in the street of London talking about the word some time we went into pub set at the table and open the Bible. People looked us as we were crazy but I did not understood at that time why.  So after while my friend doron zaccai accepted Christ and the gift of eternal life and became a saved person.

-  I met david and Hellen for the first time in 1979 in Eilat Israel. While few days in the Lord david told me more about Paul. In the beginning I thought he is speaking about some one from the group. It was he that year later told me about the special mystery that the Lord gave to Paul.

Rina jaquith – 1980 it was at that time in London,  that i had the privilege to meet  Clifford and rina.

Rina Jaquith known by some as 'The Bible Lady' and her husband Clifford worked actively as ambassadors to spread the good news of God's grace and offer of reconciliation to all. They spent time on this mission in Israel, Northern Ireland and Africa from where she returned to America after her husband Clifford was murdered by some robbers. Rina set up a bible study "drop in centre" in Las Vegas. As was her style she had an open door for all those who wanted to drop in and hosted bible studies in a relaxed informal manner. She was in her 80's when she ran this centre and worked through threats to her person and damage to her property, she was robbed on occasions and was strangled near to death but she kept the door open as long as she was able.

Rina was a Jewish women that came to understand the preaching of the mystery while teaching Jews about the new covenant. Rina and her husband spent some years in Israel (Jerusalem)  teaching young travellers about the grace of God. She was special servant of the lord putting much emphasis on personal evangelizing. It is through her student that in 1979 I accepted Christ as my personal savior. So I met this women in a small apartment in London and took my friend doron with me to the Bible study that she gave. Yes it was a women teacher with great desire to tell everyone about the free gift of eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ. Her teaching was based on facts that as a believers you have two kind of life. This what you live in the flesh and this what you live in the spirit. That you can never lose your salvation only the inheritance or your reward. So in order to maintain your spiritual position the believer should be spiritual busy with the bible and evangelizing.  You could not easly argue with this sister because she had a good bible knowledge. This what I still remember. I think it was 2 years later,  after I study more in the bible and in Paul letter to the Romans chapter 8 that I wrote her letter and disagree with the main point of  her teaching about the believers 2 kind of life. She did not like it. It happen often especially when you deal with the Jewish women teachers that they do not like disagreement..

However I am sure that this “Bible lady” was great used by God to help me or others to understand the revelation of the mystery given to the apostel Pauls. May God give us more of those people who cost what it cost standing for thr truth of the gospel.